About Us

Vision is a peer led voluntary organisation based in the Bolton area creating new activities and opportunities including volunteering for those with lived experience of mental health or other challenging issues.  We are recovery-focused and want to support people with their needs, however complex.

How?  We are keen to let volunteers focus on their strengths, interests and passions and encourage them to innovate. If there aren’t opportunities currently available that suit your interests or skills, we will help support you in creating them and making them happen.

We work on a model that is built around consultation with group members. We have a team of occupational therapists that give a solid foundation and structure to the group. They can be a point of contact, available to run supervision and reflective sessions and give insight into the recovery model and their way of working.                      

What do you do? What don’t we do! One of our goals is to establish a portfolio of groups based around volunteers’ interests and skills. These groups are run and lead by volunteers and can be anything from a badminton group, administration for Vision itself or setting up a community radio station. The groups have the support of Vision as a whole but promote, recruit and lead autonomously.

Partnership working:  We work with other organisations and, just as with our own members, make use of their strengths and offer ours in return. We currently use the Recovery Academy as a way of training our members in peer mentorship and have close links with Headspace to deliver high quality training using creative mediums.  We are keen to work in partnerships with other groups and institutions in the local area and nationally to address some of the bigger issues such as stigma and research into solutions for people affected by complex challenging situations.  If you are an organisation, local or further afield who wants to join up with us to double our impact, please feel free to get in touch!

Why should I join Vision? The Vision project is a great way to create new opportunities for yourself and other members. Simply put you will get to pursue your interests and use your skills in a meaningful way in a peer-led and supportive voluntary setting.  You don’t have to lead a group straight away if you don’t want to – and you’re more than welcome to check out our groups to see if these activities are right for you.  You may feel after a while that you want to develop and use your expertise in one of your interests to start your own idea, but there are no rules about where you need to begin – everyone is welcome at any time.

We don’t focus on what you can’t do, we focus on you what you want to do.  Do you have an idea for an activity, session or campaign?  Do you think you know a way to improve services in the area?  Do you want to write an article for us?  It can be anything!  Let us know and we’ll see if we can work together to make it happen!  

You can contact us by email at visionprojectbolton@gmail.com or simply use the contact form below.  This website is still under construction so will be changing a lot over the coming weeks, but you can get in touch at any time!

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