Crisis UK: “At What Cost?” Report on Homelessness

Crisis UK have published a wealth of evidence in a report on the excessive cost in both money and human suffering when early intervention in preventing homelessness is not carried out:

“Research by the University of York and Crisis uses scenarios based on large scale studies of homeless people to show how intervening to help people when they first become homeless makes good economic sense, saving between £3,000 and £18,000 per person helped.  It’s yet more powerful evidence for our No One Turned Away campaign

This BBC Newsbeat segment follows a young single woman with hidden cameras as she tries to ask the council for help with housing.  Single and younger people are hit particularly hard when it comes to these problems and are not offered the same support as other groups.  Problems with stable housing have overlaps with mental health problems, substance misuse and more – making this a web of complex needs.

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