Live From Worktown: Bolton Poetry Festival 2015

Are you creative, or a fan of the creative arts and poetry?  Live from Worktown’s 2015 Bolton festival is currently in full swing and there’s something for everyone!


“Live from Worktown is a Bolton-based organisation which promotes performing arts events throughout the borough and beyond, working with the University of Bolton, the Octagon Theatre, Bolton Council, Bolton Libraries, Bolton College and the Bolton International Writers Project.

An annual festival is organised, usually in and around May, when international, award winning writers and performers are brought together and showcase their amazing talents in local venues with the support of fantastic poets, musicians and writers not only from Bolton but also from the wider Northwest of England.  A poetry anthology is compiled before the festival and is launched as part of it. Local writers arestgeorges encouraged to send in contributions based on a specified theme and those selected appear in it alongside international recognised writers.”

There are over a dozen events still coming up over May 2015, and you can find their full programme here.  

Is creativity your thing, or something you want to explore?  Do you want to learn or teach others in your favourite art mediums – whether it be writing, music, photography, or anything else?  Get in touch with us on the About Us page and we’ll see if we can work together to make it happen!  

Our fantastic friends over at Headspace at the Octagon Theatre also make great partners, so there’s probably room for your ideas and space to explore your passions somewhere!

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