New GMW Recovery Academy Prospectus (Apr-Sep 15)

Greater Manchester West NHS and its service users run regular courses at their Recovery Academy.

The latest prospectus is available here: GMW Recovery Academy Prospectus April-Sept 2015.

As they have stated in the past, they aim to “provide a range of educational courses and resources for people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, their families, carers, and professionals.

[They offer]… a range of learning opportunities to equip students with the knowledge, understanding, behaviours, and skills needed to be able to manage and promote recovery, health and wellbeing.”

“All of our courses are co-produced, and co-facilitated between professionals and people with lived experience. Anyone is welcome to book on the courses. The idea is to learn from one another and recognise with equal importance both professional expertise and lived experience.

All courses focus on supporting people through their recovery journey and promoting health and wellbeing. Some of the courses focus on understanding and behaviours, whilst others teach some basic psychosocial interventions that anyone can use to support change and help people to achieve their aspirations. There are also some opportunities for people to develop skills to fulfil their education, training or employment goals.”

If you would like to talk to some of us at The Vision Project who have used the Recovery Academy or find out more information about it, please feel free to contact us via the About Us page.  

Otherwise you can contact the Recovery Academy directly.

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