Psychosis Explained Simply – Stigma vs The Reality

Henry Gale, a person with lived experience of psychosis and part of the Time To Change campaign against stigma put together the following animation to explain psychosis simply:

Schizophrenia and other conditions where psychosis occurs suffer from a significant amount of stigma, stereotyping and discrimination, broadly speaking because of a lack of understanding.

Time To Change also produced this video to demonstrate the difference between the public, stigmatised image of schizophrenia and psychosis – and the reality of people living with these conditions:

Have you been affected by any of these issues?  Do you have any ideas on how we can help defeat stigma together?  Is there something you think mental health services might be missing, or do you think know a way you can help, however small?  Get in touch with us on the About Us page and let’s talk!  

There is a broad range of activities and support that can help with people experiencing psychotic symptoms, check out the Useful Services/Resources – both local and national/online, which you can always find in this website’s menu.  

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