Rethink: Finding Mike Updated Film Coming 4th May

Rethink Mental Illness – part of the internationally sweeping Finding Mike campaign are showing an updated version of their film on Monday 4th May at 9pm on Channel 4.  

To refresh your memories – as Rethink put it:  “You may remember that last year our ambassador Jonny Benjamin’s quest to find and thank the man who changed his life one day in 2008 became a global news story. The story inspired and involved people all over the world, and was made into a documentary”.

Now one year on, and lots more open conversations about mental health later – the up to date story of this breakdown of stigma and silence will be shown on TV, with the hopes of allowing us to continue opening up and breaking the silence about sensitive issues.


Have you been affected by stigma, mental health or otherwise? Do you have any ideas about how you could help us all break it down? Head over to the about us page and get in touch with us!

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