Time To Shout About Mental Health

Alastair Campbell, author, broadcaster and former political aide to Tony Blair uses his lived experience of mental health issues to talk about stigma.  In an illuminating and sincere article written in the Huffington Post, he describes how the battle is slowly succeeding, but by no means over:Alastair_Campbell_-_Chatham_House_2012_crop

“I suspect that I, and others like me who are working for the Time to Change mental health awareness campaign, have many hundreds and thousands of speeches and talks and interviews still to go before we finally bring the walls of taboo and stigma crumbling down.

The whisperers are people who come up to me and, unlike those who just want to say thanks for the talk, raise something else, lean in towards me and say very quietly ‘thanks for talking about mental health and depression, it really helps.’

It is good that they talk. But bad that they feel the need to whisper. It is a sign that those walls are still standing, tall and dark and forbidding”

You can read the full article “Time To Shout About Mental Health” at the Huffington Post website.

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