Vikram Patel: Mental Health For All By Involving All

Here at Vision we pride ourselves on our services being led by service-users and volunteers with lived experience of mental health or other problems.  With the ever-increasing demand for professional services and the strain on those resources, care in the community for the people, by the people is an idea that seems promising.

In the following video, Professor Vikram Patel talks about mental health for all by involving all, but it could just as easily apply to anyone facing any problem or disadvantage:

If these ideas sound like something you’re interested in or agree with, please feel free to get in touch with us on the About Us page.  Perhaps you want to support others, use your interests to create a session or workshop, or have another idea of how to help people?  We are open to all suggestions, think as big as you like!

At the beginning of the video, he touches on the difficulties some mental health service users encounter when trying to access services for their physical health.  This is part of the stigma and discrimination that we as a community, and a society are trying to overcome.  But if you are having similar problems right now, there are many advocacy services that can help you.  A mental health advocate can be a professional, or someone with experience in mental health problems and recovery themselves who can support you in getting access to the resources you need, and generally speak up for you if you are having difficulty.  Local advocacy services available can be found at MhIST, or you can contact them on 01204 527 200.  Do you have any ideas on how to tackle these problems?  Again, feel free to get in touch with us!

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